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About Us

Peninsula Temple Sholom now counts more than 1,500 families as members, hosts a vibrant and inclusive religious school and one of the city's most respected early learning centers. We are proud of how each member brings his or her own story to our diverse community—such as those who have a multi-generational history at our congregation and those new to the city or Peninsula Temple Sholom , of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a Jewish community – a place to call home.


Our educational programs are first-class, with an early learning center onsite, one of the finest fully inclusive religious schools in our city, and a robust adult education program. Our goal is to provide for a lifetime of Jewish learning. We also host a sizable library and media center, wherein our members may check out materials at no charge.

Prayer & Worship

With five active clergy members, we offer a dynamic blend of worship opportunities that span from the small and intimate to grand classical services incorporating music from our historic pipe organ. Our main sanctuary, constructed in 1931, is on the National Register of Historic Places and provides a truly awe-inspiring space in which to practice Jewish ritual life.

Now, as always,  Peninsula Temple Sholom is your home.

Mission & Values

PTS is an inclusive Jewish community where everyone can find peace, inspiration, and their own connection to Judaism.


Whether in the synagogue, each other’s homes, or the world beyond, Peninsula Temple Sholom creates a sacred space for those who are part of it.

  • We live Jewish values and apply the wisdom of our teachings to modern life through prayer, study and action.
  • We sustain Jewish culture through communal engagement in lifecycle events, the celebration of Shabbat and holidays, and the pleasure of laughing and learning together.
  • We strengthen our community by caring for one another and the world around us.
  • We honor our heritage and build a strong future by fostering connections with the Jewish people in the U.S., in Israel and around the world.

Core Values

Our core values define the path we take in achieving this vision and mission:

  • Inclusivity

    We are an extended family, rich in the diversity of our heritage, history, households, and practice. Knowing that every one of us is created in God’s image, we actively and wholeheartedly encourage all who wish to be part of our community to join us in friendship.

  • Human Connection

    Our congregation is as strong as the bonds between us. We build sacred community one person and one family at a time, by fulfilling the mitzvot to share in joys and sorrows, learning and action.

  • Caring & Kindness

    Believing that a single kindness can change a life, we act with loving kindness toward one another and act to care for all in our community.

  • Commitment to Community

    Because ethics are empty without action, we realize our values by working together to pursue justice, improve our community, and uplift those in need.

  • Embracing Change

    Judaism has survived through the ages because we adapted to our changing world. We secure a vibrant future for our children — and the generations to follow — by continuing to evolve.

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782